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Perceptive Industries Industrial Thermal Equipment


Perceptive Industries - Industrial Thermal Equipment

Perceptive Industries Inc. are a dynamic company offering a wide range of products and services. Their team of engineers, operations management and fabricators originated with MOCO Thermal Industries, formally known as Michigan Oven Company, a 60-year-old oven manufacturer who ceased operations in 2001. PII’s projects have always centered on the optimization of thermal process performance. From combustion performance to heat recovery, the art of optimizing performance equates to reduced energy requirements per unit of a product.

They have over 200 years of combined engineering experience in heat recovery, fume abatement, curing, tempering, stress relieving, and drying processes. 

  • Thermal Oxidizers
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Custom Ovens
  • Composite Curing Ovens
  • Drop Bottom Furnaces
  • Heat Treat Ovens


Perceptive Industries - Industrial Ovens and Dryers

Perceptive Industries are a dynamic company offering innovative, robust and economical solutions for the most demanding industrial oven requirements. Manufacturing batch ovens, top loading ovens, conveyor ovens, drop bottom ovens, monorail ovens and more.


Perceptive Industries - HD Series Batch Ovens

Perceptive Industries have developed a robust series of batch ovens. Improvements over standard “off the shelf” batch ovens gives their ovens and their customers a higher performing oven with the ability to take on the most demanding processes.


Perceptive Industries Thermal Oxidizers

Perceptive Industries' oxidizers line includes regenerative thermal oxidizers, catalytic, recuperative, straight incineration and several unique abatement and scrubber combinations.


TES are a trusted representative for Perceptive Industries Industrial Thermal Equipment in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.

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