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Equilam Corrosion Testing Equipment


Equilam Corrosion Testing Equipment

TES is proud to represent Equilam North America for the southwestern US territories.

Since 1987, Equilam North America has been a recognized leader in the worldwide corrosion testing industry supplying state of the art equipment to its vast number of customers in many different industries. They provide dependable corrosion testing equipment and corrosion testing services with the highest craftsmanship available. Equilam has always been recognized for its quality, durability and ability to turn ideas into functional solutions.

  • Cyclic Corrosion Testing Chambers
  • Gravelometers
  • Saturated Humidity Chambers
  • Salt Spray Chambers
  • UV Chambers
  • Immersion Tanks


Equilam Cyclic Corrosion Test Chambers

Their Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chambers, also known as Saline Cuproacetic Mist Chamber, provide the closest comparison to “real world” laboratory testing for naturally occurring corrosion.


Equilam UV Chambers

Developed to accelerate the process of deterioration, loss of brightness and / or color, embrittlement of materials, through the action of UVA – UVB, Condensation and Thermal Shock irradiation. With auto diagnostic functions that indicate possible malfunctions and periodic preventive maintenance, security system with audio visual alarm, among others.


TES are a trusted representative for Equilam Corrosion Test Chambers

Please contact us for more information or visit the Equilam Website.