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CSZ Environmental Test Chambers

People count on Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) products to be safe and reliable. CSZ environmental chambers can aid reliability testing by subjecting products to real-world climate and wear extremes like temperature, humidity, altitude, vibration, and more. They have been assisting manufacturing organizations with their environmental test chamber needs since 1940. CSZ offer a full range of standard and custom-designed environmental chambers providing their customers with solutions to meet the most demanding environmental testing requirements.

  • Temperature Cycling Chambers
  • Temperature/Humidity Chambers
  • ESS Chambers
  • Stability Test Chambers
  • AGREE Chambers
  • Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) Chambers
  • Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS)
  • Walk-In/Drive-In Environmental Rooms
  • Thermal Shock Chambers
  • Thermal Shock Baths
  • Remote Conditioners
  • Altitude Chambers
  • Random Vibration Tables
  • Industrial Freezers


CSZ Temperature and Humidity Chambers

Temperature and humidity test chambers are available as standard products in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Our environmental test chambers are often used for steady-state stability testing, basic temperature cycling and accelerated stress testing.


CSZ Walk-in/Drive-In Chambers

CSZ Walk-In Chambers are available in a variety of models and sizes to meet virtually any requirement and/or test application. These chambers are typically used for testing or storing products that require a large capacity chamber. Drive-In chambers are also available for full vehicle testing and multiple environmental simulation exposure.


CSZ Benchtop Vibration Table

The TCB-1.3 benchtop vibration chamber is ideal for reliability testing of compact products and electronics. It may be used as a stand-alone vibration table for vibration testing or placed inside an environmental chamber for combined random vibration & temperature testing offering flexibility.


CSZ HALT & HASS Chambers

HALT and HASS Time Compressor® chambers provide extreme temperature & vibration capabilities. HALT techniques are important in uncovering many of the weak links inherent to the design and fabrication process of a new product. HASS techniques are incorporated during the production phase to find manufacturing process defects that could cause product failures in the field.


CSZ Industrial Freezers

CSZ freezers are premier, ultra-low temperature industrial freezers. These chambers are designed with heavy-duty construction, the units are built-to-last for years of trouble-free operation. These freezers are primarily used for age-hardening, stress relieving, expansion assembly, martensiting, dimensional stabilization, epoxy storage, industrial cooling, heat treating and production chilling applications.


TES are a trusted representative for CSZ Environmental Test Chambers in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.

Please contact us for more information or visit the CSZ Website.